My 11 Favorite Resources That Make Business Easier

As entrepreneurs, we have to wear a million hats so we're always looking for tools to make things easier on ourselves and for good knowledge sources to stay ahead of the curve. If we aren't up on the latest industry trends, if we're failing to continually improve our work processes, and if we're refusing to adopt technologies/tools to speed up our workflow - we'll get demolished by our competitors who do choose to grow and adapt. If you are here taking the time to read this blog in the first place, I doubt you are one of those people who refuses to learn and grow. So here are 11 of my favorite knowledge resources and tools to stay up to date and up to speed:

1. Foundr - I'm subscribed to both Foundr Podcast and Foundr Magazine. The podcast always features different successful entrepreneurs and they tell their story of how their companies came to be what they are now. They dole out useful advice and tips that you'll never find in a text book. The magazine features all kinds of interesting entrepreneurial articles from business concepts to health and productivity hacks.

2. Love Your Work with David Kadavy - In this podcast, learn about productivity hacks and hear interviews from successful entrepreneurs and creators. David is a friend of mine that I met on a trip to Medellin, Colombia. He's an entrepreneur and author I look up to and I hope you'll enjoy his podcast as much as I do.

3. Growth Hackers Network - Growth Hackers Network is a Reddit-esque platform featuring user-submitted marketing and growth ideas. Users can up-vote the tips they like. It's a nice way to get the marketing gears turning in your head when your tired of traditional marketing avenues. (I use and recommend the Growth Hackers app, not quite sure how the desktop variation works.)

4. Product Hunt - Another Reddit-esque platform but with a focus on the latest products, apps, tools, and start-ups. This site/app is RICH in freeware that can help with your business. I've found everything from free stock photo sites to dating apps to interesting podcasts on Product Hunt... heck, they recently listed an app for helping men overcome premature ejaculation - no joke.

5. Snapseed App - By far my favorite photo editing app for mobile devices. I've been using it for 5 years now and after all that time, I still find it to be the most comprehensive and easy on a touch screen. I should note I use Photoshop on my desktop computer when I really need fine-tuned editing, but I try to get everything done in Snapseed because it's just so easy. It's a free app too. Just search it in the App Store or Google Play Store.

6. Mystic Mamma - So, this isn't really a business resource, it's a spiritual one. However, I seek spiritual guidance in my business as well and personally find spiritual health to be vital for myself. If you're the same, check it out. She curates a lot of beautifully written passages, monthly energy updates, and articles on astrological happenings.

7. Freelance Hustler - If you are looking for new clients, can be a great place to go; however, you really need to know how to use it the right way. It's easy to get outbid by $4/hr freelancers but if you know how to target the right kinds of jobs and put outstanding proposals together, you can find great work for great money. Freelance Hustler is a great educational resource for learning how to make good income on Upwork (and other freelancer sites).

8. Studio App - I use this app for creating quotes with nice background imagery, memes, and flyers. I even use it to create attractive invoices sometimes. It's another freebie that I find works really well. You can create your own designs from scratch or you can remix users' existing designs.

9. VSCO App - Yet another free editing app. This one I love for the beautiful filters you can use. Their settings are very adjustable so it's nice because it gives photos a moody feel without being overbearing on the image since you can tone it down. Instagram's current editing tools were based off of VSCO's app a while back. I generally edit a photo for lighting, etc. first in Snapseed and then bring it into VSCO for its interesting color tones.

10. Genius Scan - This app is fantastic if you don't have immediate access to a scanner or if you're traveling. You just take a photo of your document and it enhances the image to make it look just like a scan. It converts it to a PDF and you can then email it straight from the app. Super convenient.

11. Hopper - Hopper is a nice way to schedule Instagram posts ahead of time. Unlike other Instagram post-schedulers, this one actually logs into your account and posts for you. It can be used when you're on vacation, off the grid, or just want to manage your time better. It isn't free but it's a great resource!

What are some of your favorite resources? I'm always looking for new tools, podcasts, and websites. I'd love it if you shared in the comments :)