Why Companies are Ditching Marketing Agencies for Consultants

If there’s anything we can say about the end of the 2010s, it’s that change happens fast. From ride sharing services to coworking spaces to blockchain technology, we’ve seen innovative disruptors sweep the carpet out from traditional business models left and right. And now? Companies are ditching marketing agencies for consultants and in-house marketing teams. Data has become an extremely valuable commodity to businesses and they want full access to it… something that can get lost when working with large-scale marketing agencies.

According to Los Angeles marketing consultant, Jesse Rey Garcia of My Marketing Auditors, “The latest trend analysis data show that marketing consultancies are replacing digital marketing firms as the preferred method of marketing by business owners”. This interesting shift can be contributed to a number of reasons. Read on to learn more about interesting this trend.

So what are the main reasons companies are ditching marketing agencies for consultants?

  1. Transparency: Small-scale marketing consultancies, like Denver marketing consultant Christine Dart’s CBD Branding, tend to work with a team from your company closely, being sure to share and explain all of their findings along the way. Working with a consultant offers a learning experience for your company, because they will guide your team through the process, explaining why ABC resulted in XYZ, along with their thoughts for improvement. At CBD Branding, we want you to know how your money is being spent and why. We won’t just throw you through a system only to show you your final CPM as a “result” and leave you hanging on the line with some analytics that make little sense to you or your team. We will make sure that the data makes its way to your team’s hands. CBD Branding prides itself in honesty. Not every ad campaign reels in stellar results and we won’t sugar coat things when the campaign wasn’t great. In fact, it’s expected to have some bad runs, because that’s how campaigns get dialed in. Honest and transparent marketing consultants like CBD Branding will walk you through this process and optimize it with you along the way.

  2. Communication: A lot of companies that have worked with marketing agencies in the past report that communication was lacking. Consultancies like CBD Branding make quick, clear communication a priority. The close-knit nature of a consultant’s work with your team enables a strong foundation for great communication. This level of communication also allows for quick pivots when your company needs to change its strategy.

  3. Customization: Marketing consultants are able to offer very personalized work whereas agencies often have specific packages that companies need to choose from. This isn’t always the case, of course, but nimble consultancies like CBD Branding are able to work with your company at exactly the level that’s actually needed. We don’t look at your company as an account number that needs to be thrown into a system. We care about your business needs, your ROI, and that we’re increasing your teams marketing knowledge.

  4. Improving In-House Assets: Perhaps the best thing about hiring a marketing consultant is that your company is not only having a marketing service performed, but your team is being trained simultaneously. Consultants make sure to communicate effectively, provide transparency, and relay valuable data over to your team so that what is applied is also being learned. Data is an asset and so is the knowledge of your staff.

At the end of the day, marketing agencies have their place. However, a lot of companies are finding that marketing consultants are a much better fit for them. Does it sound like a marketing consultant might be right for your company? Let’s talk about it! Contact CBD Branding today and tell us what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll be happy to help you get there.

Want to learn more about why many companies are ditching marketing agencies for consultants? Check out Jesse Rey Garcia’s “7 Reasons to Should Hire a Marketing Consultant Instead of a Marketing Firm”.