It'll Change Your Life

“It’ll change your life” – We don’t recognize the profoundness or full implications of this statement. We see it in advertising, in friends’ recommendations, and as a complimentary descriptive statement. It’s certainly an eye-catcher and great for click bait titles! The question is, though, “Do we really want our life changed?”

“Yes, obviously!” we shout, “I want a career that makes a lot of money. I want to meet my soul mate. I want a life where I can travel a lot. I want to be happy.” We know we want these outcomes, but, when change does come around, it’s like a tempest. We are frightened of the upheaval; we are clutching onto the way things have been for dear life. Why?

I’m personally a big believer in attracting opportunities that match the energy we’ve been putting out. When we start really wanting these big changes, things in our life start to shift to pave the path for these outcomes. What we fail to realize with our human lack of foresight, however, is that things usually get uncomfortable for a while when the landscape is changing. The ground sometimes needs to break beneath our feet first - we lose a job or a relationship. Sometimes, the fire under our ass needs to get really hot to motivate us to move. And sometimes, when we do see the opportunity and start following it, the path gets so narrow that we feel like we have no room to breathe. We’re swamped with work, we don’t have time for the fun things we usually do for a while, we lose sleep, we keep focus on responsibilities and turn down invitations.

It's pretty normal to get to this place and just want to give up and turn back to the old way that was comfortable. We yearn for the past and the way things were. The problem is, though, that the past is gone. The landscape changed, and that old place doesn’t exist anymore. We hold on so tightly to it, but all we are clinging to is a memory and, in the process, we lose sight of the wonderful place that lies at the end of this difficult path that we’re on even though we are SO close to our destination and don’t even realize it. We can give up here and fall back into comfortable stagnancy (or maybe misery) or we can refocus our vision, take a deep breath, and keep trekking.

Things must fall away before our life can change. It is a necessary part of the process of transformation. The old energy does not match the energy required for the outcome we desire, so we need to rise up to the occasion.

Think about weight lifting… it makes us stronger, but first we get tired and sore. People that regularly lift weight learn to enjoy this soreness though. It is earned, so we say that it “hurts so good”. We’re proud that we earned it. Can we learn to enjoy the uncomfortable transitions of life too? Can we be proud of our growth and the uncomfortable transition periods because we know they are leading us down a road to something better? Can we breathe through the discomfort?

This is one of the main teachings of yoga. In yoga, the transitions between the asanas (poses) are equally as important as the asanas themselves. Even more important is the maintenance of the breath. The challenge of yoga is learning to keep a steady breath through the entire process, even when it is uncomfortable and your muscles are trembling. How can we maintain our breath and composure through the journey of change?

The array of feelings I've listed in this blog are certainly what I've been experiencing since I've made the decision to go back to school in pursuit of a nursing degree. I know it's something that I really want, but it sure can feel uncomfortable to simultaneously run a business and be a student in such an intense major. I've found myself doing a major juggling act trying to find personal time, maintaining my health, and having some semblance of a social life. That being said, I am in love with the process right now. I look forward to my school assignments because I learn so much from them. I love my current work and enjoy completing my clients' projects. I love that my work is in high demand. I love that I'm growing so much. Even though the time management is tough, I'm keeping my eyes on the vision ahead and allowing my old landscape to change as it will.

I encourage change. I encourage making the jump for the opportunities that will change your life. However, in this encouragement, I remind you to recognize the profoundness of what you are taking on in doing so and, moreso, I remind you that the journey is worth it.