Brand Evaluation

What message is your brand giving?

It's easy to be attached to the brand image that was created when a business was first established.

However, it's more important to consider how audiences are perceiving it. You need to get into their psyche.

At CBD Branding, we will give you a non-sugar-coated assessment of messages your brand may be delivering.

  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  • Is it too cookie-cutter?
  • Too "vanilla"?
  • Too similar to other brands on the market?
  • Uncool or unsexy?
  • Is your message unclear?

We understand that brand image is as important to the business owner as it is to the customer so we help you strengthen the elements that you value most about your brand while making tweaks to improve its magnetism. We will even do your graphic design for you.

We streamline your brand's messaging to make it unforgettable.