Event Marketing

Introduce Your Brand In Person

With the amazing reach made possible by the Internet, it's easy to forget to focus on the people in front of you.

Making an impression in person - allowing consumers to experience your brand first hand - is powerful.

It is said that people will forget what you said and did, but not how you made them feel.

Host an unforgettable event and they'll have sentimental memories about your brand. Positive sentiment creates loyal customers.

Here are just a few events we have put on:


Suitr's Pre-Valentine's Soiree

For Suitr dating app's official Denver launch, we through a glamorous single's mixer at EDGE Restaurant & Bar in the Four Seasons. Guests received complimentary cocktails once they showed they had downloaded Suitr and created profiles. We partnered up with other businesses to hand out raffle prizes. This created happy guests and helped all businesses involved via cross-marketing.

Event Marketing Packages

Can include any or all of the following:

  • Concept / theme creation
  • Making the event relate to your customers, clients, or industry partners
  • Venue selection, visitation, and (sometimes) price negotiation
  • Decor arrangements and (sometimes) price negotiation
  • Graphic design or photography for all flyers, banners, ads, etc.
  • Event listings on all applicable event calendars
  • Paid advertising optimization
  • Social media event advertising
  • Email event advertising
  • Event photography

All event marketing packages are different so one price does not fit all. Let's chat and come up with a win-win for everyone!