Your Lakeside Penthouse Awaits

Why vacation waterside when you can have balcony views of the Lake of Fire?

Be mesmerized by the dancing embers... fire is much more intriguing than the ocean. If you listen carefully, you can even hear the screams of sinners emerging from the flames. 

Give In

Give into your cravings. Eat, drink, smoke, and snort whatever you like. Gluttony is welcome in Hell.


What's Your Fantasy?

You know all those harlots and lustful men that were condemned to Hell for their sins?

They all live here. They have eons of experience. All of your fantasies can come true...


There Will Be Blood

Thought the shows in Vegas were entertaining? In Hell, attend live gladiator fights. Yes, the blood is real. There is no winner until someone dies.


The Cost?

Simply the cost of your soul. Once here, you may never leave - but who would want to?



In case the reader is lacking a sense of humor, this guide is a satire and CBD Branding is not actually selling this vacation. It has been developed to showcase creative conceptual advertisements produced by CBD Branding. 

We would also like to note that we do not accept payment in the form of souls.