Instagram Marketing

grow your instagram

Imagine having thousands of followers who actually await your company's posts

It's no secret that a strong social media presence is imperative for the majority of businesses. When prospects are willing to follow your accounts, they are showing you that they actually have a strong enough interest in what you offer to do so... it's very easy to move these prospects into your lead funnel if you understand what you're doing.

However, making that social presence strong enough for this to happen remains a mystery to most business owners...

Algorithms and the latest trends are constantly changing.

Time... gosh, it takes so much time...

Getting the right audience to find you...

Finding content to post...

Making it look good...

Getting people to actually follow you and interact...

It can be hard to know where to even start! Thankfully, CBD Branding has the social media game down pat, both organic and paid reach, with an exceptionally strong expertise in Instagram - one of the most product-placement-friendly platforms out there, second only to Pinterest (Pinterest packages coming soon).

We'll help you find the right platforms to focus on, teach you how to set your accounts up properly (this is a very important part of your branding), and how to make your accounts grow.

Don't have time for social media? No problem, we can run your accounts for you.

Instagram Packages:

Basecamp Package - Fire up your Instagram account from scratch or via total overhaul.

For one month we will:

  • Establish a theme and aesthetic that fits your brand
  • Get your following going quickly
  • Lead generation campaign and lading page set-up
  • One month of monitoring, testing, and optimization of lead generation campaign
  • Find AND create content for your feed (includes creation of graphics or product photography 5X during the month)
  • Post 1-2X daily
  • Interact with users relevant to your industry
  • Keep an eye out for cross-marketing and collaboration opportunities for your business
  • Teach you how to properly use Instagram for marketing

Investment: $789 (A $857 Value)

Ongoing Account Administration - We'll handle all things Instagram for you.

We will:

  • Post 1-2X daily
  • Continue to grow your following
  • Interact with users relevant to your industry
  • Keep an eye out for cross-marketing and collaboration opportunities for your business
  • Find content for your feed that fits your brand

Monthly Investment: $489

Product Photography - An excellent add-on to your Account Admin package!


  • Professional product photographs
  • Professional photo retouching
  • Creative ad concepts


  • 5 retouched photographs for $79 (from 1-2 different scenes/concepts)
  • 10 retouched photographs for $129 (1-4 scenes)
  • 30 photographs for $299 (3-10 different scenes)

Lead Generation - Grow your email list by funneling users from Instagram to a well-planned landing page that offers them something valuable in exchange for their email address.

We will:

  • Work with you on developing a good offer
  • Create your landing page
  • Connect the landing page to your email list
  • Develop a plan to funnel Instagram users to that landing page
  • Monitor results for one month to optimize landing page and/or offer to increase sign ups

Investment: $289



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