Social Media


"Why not just hire an intern or have our receptionist do it?"

Social media is often the first lens that potential customers view your company through. Even before your website... if they even make it to your website.

It's not just a way to advertise... It's a quick, visual representation of your company's elevator speech - and remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In just an instant, visitors to your social profiles are going to make a judgement on your brand. And many company's make bad first impressions with their social media presence.

  • Is your social media serving as an enticing portfolio?
  • Is it just a bunch of spammy ads?
  • Does it effectively summarize your business?
  • Does it make visitors want to learn more?

Social media also has the wonderful power of reach (when done properly). Are you actually reaching new people via social media, or are you only bringing in 1 or 2 likes at a time... to the same old people?

It can be used to connect with key players in your industry. Are you making valuable connections or is your social media presence just a one-way conversation in an empty room?

Social media really has so much value for all businesses, however, if you don't have a smart strategy in place, you're throwing all that value down the drain...

This is the problem companies face when hiring an inexperienced intern to do their social media work

More often than not, this results in leaving an incredible amount of value behind while still spending money on ineffective, inexperienced strategy. The company's "digital portfolio" of social media profiles is not strong or enticing, the amount of reach to new eyes is minimal, and there are no strategic industry relationships being formed.

And there is no positive ROI!

At CBD Branding, we understand how business works.

We won't just post something on your Facebook and hope that you magically get sales from it - that's not how good social media management works! It requires sound strategy and absolutely MUST provide great value.

Contact us to learn how we can make your social presence work for you.


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