Worksheet: Intention Setting for the New Year (Like a Boss)

In case you don’t want to read all of the things, here is the link to download the Intention Setting worksheet.

As much as we all like to make fun of the cliche resolutions and temporarily packed gyms every January, there’s really no denying the fresh energy of a new year. It’s a fantastic time to take catalog of and process everything you’ve grown through over the past 12 months.

For me, 2018 has been the best year I’ve had in a while - and not in the sunshine and roses kind of way either.

I experienced some major heartbreak at the end of 2017, so I did what any sad person would do and threw every bit of energy I had towards personal development. Like… ALL of it. I devoted massive effort into developing new career skills to supplement my current arsenal (I guess I like to know how to do stuff) and also decided 2018 would be the year I’d go back to school.

Naturally, with all of this intense focus and intention, my workload for my business grew to almost more than I could handle. At the same time, I had homework on my plate (and my masochism prevents me from get anything less than As, of course). Sleep, exercise, and fun activities fell to the wayside. But I was EXCITED! I loved the growth and the forced need to implement discipline.

However, as much as I’ve loved this growth challenge, the new challenge I’m presenting myself with is that of balance. Balancing discipline and a growing workload with self-care and good health practices. During 2018 I also experienced some deaths in the family and I found it really hard to focus, take care of myself, take care of others, and process my own emotions all at the same time.

While I want to master my care of self and my career, I do not wish to do so at the expense of my responsibilities of being a good family member and good friend. So, my personal 2019 goal is to trim whatever proverbial fat from my schedule and from my mental space possible so that I can master time management and find that right balance. I have even hired a fantastic and inspiring coach to help me master the balance! Her name is Elise and you can check her out here if such things pique your interest.

What improvements would you like to see in yourself during the new year?

To help you (and mostly to help myself), below is a year-in-review guide you can follow to sort out what you’ve experienced and set goals for the new year. You can copy and paste the text right into Word or you can download this fancy PDF version to print out.

Intention Setting for the New Year (Like a Boss)

Reflecting on the Year:

What habits did you let go of? What new ones did you start?

What are you most proud of yourself for this year?

What was the best thing to happen in your career this year?

What was your biggest work challenge?

What were your greatest losses or challenges in your personal life?

What made your heart break?

What were some of the greatest blessings in your personal life?

What adventures did you embark on?

Did anything major enough occur to prompt you to shift your world view? What was the shift?

What is one thing you feel you could have done better during the year?

What experience, achievement, or process of the past year are you most grateful for?

Looking Ahead:

What are your three top career goals for next year?

What is a financial accomplishment you’d like to make happen?

What are your top three personal goals for next year?

What characteristics about yourself can you improve upon this year to make the achieve your goals?

What are some practical methods to implement to work towards those improvements?

What is a new habit you’d like to start?

What is an old habit you’d like to break?

What are some things you’d like to stop placing importance on and take off your plate going into the new year?